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My Top Korean Historical Romance Dramas

I began watching Asian dramas in the year 2006 while facing personal problems, and since they’ve been my happiness remedy. I watch all sorts of dramas, but historic dramas hold a unique devote me. They’re old, with political plots and wars. They’re also more violent (many figures meet bloody ends) and also the romance is much more intense and deep (?love you for any thousands years? type of factor, if you notice what i’m saying).

The best factor about historic dramas is when they allow me to ?time travel? a long way away from my day-to-day worries (I learned a lot about different Korean historic eras, nobleman and dynasties which i think I possibly could win a unique Korean history trivial pursuit!). Hey, how do i be worried about everyday existence problems while individuals are tricked for that throne, tortured as well as wiped out! That puts things into perspective. And never least, I additionally love the costumes and also the whole visual delight of those dramas.

A little note on my small selection: I favor the ?newer? historic dramas, because the older dramas are usually longer and much more centered on palace intrigues, as i swoon for that romance and also the heart-aching love triangles. I additionally don?t only watch Korean historic dramas. China has improved a lot in the skill of TV dramas along with other Parts of asia make interesting undertake their histories. But, hey, we gotta start somewhere and Korean drama is a straightforward answer specifically for the beginners. Here with my subjective 5 best of the greatest Korean historic dramas.

No. 5: The Princess? Man (2011)

The initial poster from the Princess? Man, a 2011 KBS drama

This 2011 drama is a huge hit among Korean drama fans and is constantly on the receive amazing ratings and reviews.

It’s occur the 15th century throughout the Joseon Empire and informs the storyline of the forbidden romance between Princess Se Ryung (performed by Moon Chae-Won), the daughter of Grand Prince Su Yang, and Kim Seung-yoo, the boy of her father?s mortal enemy (performed by Park Si-Hoo). From the cheerful and romantic start, it rapidly moves right into a Romeo and Juliet melodrama with bloodstream and tears in abundance.

The actors effectively portray complicated feelings, and nobody is wholly evil or good. It features a whole package: beautiful love story, wicked love-triangular along with a dense political plot that really is sensible and it is interesting to follow along with. Overall The Princess? Man is enjoyable and superbly filmed with a decent plot.

Edit Marly 2019: We suggested watching The Princess? Man on dramafever, however it has shutdown. Still, some alternatives have popped up.

No. 4: Jang Ok Jung ? Living By Love (2013)

The initial poster of Jang Ok Jung, a 2013 SBS drama.

That one wasn?t a lot of a success if this first arrived on the scene. It starts superbly ? the acting, the pictures, the romance (ohhhh the romance!!!) after which it is going dark. Really dark and tragic.

Jang Ok Jung provides a fresh undertake the romance between royal concubine Jang Ok Jung (a.k.a. Jang Hui-bin), and King Sukjong throughout the Joseon Empire. Jank Ok Jung was typically portrayed because the villain of countless popular historic dramas, and histories portray her as manipulative and power-hungry. This drama informs her story from the completely different perspective, and also the actress Kim Tae-Hee provides a good shot at portraying her complex personality around the fringe of good and evil.

The storyline begins with Jang Ok Jung?s youth like a Joseon era ?fashion designer? and leads to more conventional harem-palace tragedy. Regardless of the foreseeable finish (the result is history ?), it’s worth a go and it has a unique devote me. Special reference to the character of Prince Dongpyung who provides you with serious second lead love syndrome!

No. 3: Maids (2014)

The initial poster of Maids, a 2014 JTBC drama

This can be a seriously underrated Korean drama and I wish to get it done justice by saying just how much I loved everything about this!

Maids informs the storyline of the youthful noble girl that falls into slavery after her father is wrongly charged with treason. Charge actress, Jeong Yu-Mi, does an incredible job portraying the youthful girl who grows from your arrogant youthful noble into an very mature and determined person. There are numerous good and the bad, a mysterious to uncover, an analysis to satisfy, not to mention love-love-love.

All of the cast did great, and that i grew to become mounted on each of them in their own individual way (yes, the villains). There’s an appreciation-triangular (obviously! Me skipped a beat or more if you watch) and a lot of heartbreaking scenes. Overall this drama is much more mature (but without ?mature content?) and isn’t your typical relaxing romance. Also, the background music in Maids is completely beautiful ? and that i still spend hrs hearing its soundtrack.

Edit Marly 2019: We suggested watching Maids on dramafever, however it has shutdown. Still, some alternatives have popped up.

No. 2: The Moon Embracing The Sun’s Rays (2012)

The initial poster from the Moon Embracing The Sun’s Rays, a 2012 MBC drama

Ok, now we transfer to ?serious? territory ? meaning dramas I’m so obsessive about which i have previously re-viewed them several occasions!

The Moon Embracing The Sun’s Rays is really a perfectly beautiful love story between an imaginary Joseon prince (performed by Kim Soo-Hyun) and the childhood sweetheart (performed by Han Ga-In). An account of affection that survived many years of separation and adversity. This drama is original and quite typical simultaneously. Original since it brings you into the field of ?Shamans? throughout an imaginary Joseon period. It’s also quite conventional since the love story is foreseeable and magically sweet (but so what, right?).

The very first several episodes portray the primary figures as teenagers and without a doubt: this youthful crew did an admirable job! They display stunning acting skills and also the story both of them tell enables you to laugh and cry by turns. I had been smiling a lot over these first episodes which i might even have drooled a little ? Later the storyline slows lower to meditate on the strength of love and future. Overall, a really enjoyable drama that provides an excellent escape into a legendary love story.

No. 1: Empress Ki (2013)

The initial poster of Empress Ki, a 2013 MBC drama

There aren’t enough words to explain just how much I enjoy this drama! It’s my job to don?t recommend it as being an initial drama to look out for ?Asian drama newbies? since it is quite lengthy (at 51 episodes it is definitely a long Korean drama I’ve come across). However if you simply don?t mind the space, then watch this drama!

It is dependant on historic occasions, depicting the storyline of Empress Ki who went from as being a Korean (Goryeo at that time) concubine towards the Empress from the Yuan empire of China (that?s the main one founded through the Mongols). Despite its length, the drama isn’t boring because it takes us through several distinct phases: the youth of Empress Ki like a badass ?bandit? in Goryeo, her like a servant within the Palace, and lastly as concubine and queen.

All of the actors are beautiful and skilled (some serious eye-chocolate happening within this drama!) beginning in the lead actress Ha Ji-Won, the romance-triangular is simply using this world, as well as the political intrigue is very well conducted. When it aired in Korea in 2013 I had been watching each episode two times (without subtitles ? then with subtitles) and that i have re-viewed it since. This drama received multiple awards, and it was hugely famous Korea. Empress Ki displays amazing acting, gorgeous costumes along with a great soundtrack. Pointless to state, this drama is my all-time favourite.

Honorable mention: Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

A poster picture of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, a 2010 KBS drama

Sungkyunkwan Scandal didn?t allow it to be into my 5 best, but it’s certainly a great drama and price watching. It?s an easy comedy in regards to a girl who pretends to become a boy to be able to join the esteemed Sungkyunkwan academy throughout the Joseon empire. If you would like something sweet and funny, this drama is a great match!

(Compiled by Cecile. Cecile is really a European blogger located in the US. She blogs about Asian beauty and Asian dramas on her behalf Koreainbeauty.com blog.)


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